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Trike-N-Bike Rack

Hitch Rider Trike-N-Bike™ hitch mounted racks are available in two styles to best suit your transport needs. Trike carrier transports either delta or tadpole style recumbent trikes, and handcycles. All racks fit both 1 1/4" and 2" receiver hitches (patented).

  • New Rack FeatureRoll Around™ trike rack handling wheels built into rack base (patents pending) makes moving the rack around, installing in hitch, and storing easy.
  • Trike carrier is fully adjustable and accommodates trikes with a 33" to 63" wheelbase and 23" to 35" track. Wheel holders fit 16" to 29" size wheels up to 2.5" wide. View rack specifications.
  • TB1-2SBP is the lightest (52 lbs.) and most simple option, suitable for all trikes and upright bicycles with top tube. Rack is a good choice for small SUVs and sedans.
  • TB1-2BSA longer bike support arms can transport up to two upright bicycles with top tube on a vehicle equipped with a 2" Class III receiver hitch.
  • Racks can be used with front bike position removed and rack add-ons are available to handle various transport needs.
  • Rack includes threaded hitch pin (Hitch-Vise not required), 1 1/4" solid hitch bar, and 2" hitch adapter. Locking hitch pin and security cable are available.
  • Rack features YouTube video.
  • Read important safety information before ordering.
Model Price
TB1-2SBP Trike-N-Bike Hanging Style Rack with Stabilizer Strap, fits 1 1/4" and 2" receiver. $575Add to OrderIn Stock
TB1-2BSA Trike-N-Bike Bike Support Arm Style Rack, fits 1 1/4" and 2" receiver. $610Add to OrderIn Stock

Rack add-ons and conversions for Trike-N-Bike Rack.
Hitch bars for clearing spare tires.

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Trike racks ship within 1-2 business days via FedEx Ground. Shipping is automatically calculated by the shopping cart when placing your order online. Estimate delivery date and shipping.

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