Locking Spool Head Threaded Hitch Pin

Locking Spool Head™ Threaded Hitch Pin
Part # LSH1

Locking threaded hitch pin for Hitch Rider bike or trike racks.

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Bike rack security cable kit

Rack Security Cable and Locking Hitch Pin Kit
Part # RSK12

  • 12 foot braided steel cable and padlock works with all Hitch Rider racks.
  • Locking Spool Head threaded hitch pin included.
  • One cable end locks to vehicle hitch and the other locks to cycles or rack.
  • Cycles are easy to lock and unlock from standing position; no need to reach under cycles to unlock them from vehicle's hitch.

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Top Hand Bike Rack Stabilizer Strap

Top Hand™ Bike Rack Stabilizer Strap
Part # TH1

Strap attaches between carrier and vehicle's trunk or hatch, reducing carrier sway and load bounce.

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Trike Rack Storage Wheels

Trike Rack Dolly
Part # TRD

Dolly quickly attaches to our tilting trike rack models. When trike position is folded up, the wheels provide easier installation on vehicle as well as mobility to maneuver and store the rack in a garage without lifting and carrying the rack. Rack with dolly attached free stands. Patent pending.

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Trike Rack Lifting Handle

Trike Rack Lifting Handle
Part # Handle

Trike rack lifting handle bolts to the outside wheelholder. Telescoping handle makes lowering and raising rack easier and reduces the amount of downward tilt.

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Rack Reflective Tape

12" Reflective Marking Tape
Part # RT-RW

Reflexite V82 conspicuity tape strip. Measures 12" long x 2" wide with equal length red and white sections. Meets US DOT standards.

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Cinch strap securing bike frame

Cinch-N-Wrap™ Bike Rack Strap
Part # CNW24

Heavy duty general purpose wrap style strap useful with every Hitch Rider rack. Uses include securing bike wheels and frames to rack, security cable management, bundling, etc. Carry on the ride as a handy compact item for various temporary repairs and uses. Two 24" long straps included.

$6 pair
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Bumper Tie Bicycle Tie Down

Bumper Tie™ Bicycle Tie Down
Part # BT1

  • Prevents contact and swing between bike and rack center column during transport.
  • Soft foam acts as a bumper to protect bike's finish. Two strong nylon bungees secures bumper in place.
  • Works with all bicycles, tandems, and recumbent bikes.
  • Handy bike tie down accessory for any bike rack brand.

$7 for one.
$12 for two.
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Change-Up Hitch Adapter

Change-Up™ Hitch Adapter
Part # CU1

  • Change-Up™ threaded pin hitch adapter upsizes 1 1/4" hitches to fit racks and carriers with 2" hitch bars (Not for towing use.)
  • Permanently install on vehicle hitch or rack hitch bar.
  • Extends hitch 7 1/4", pin hole to pin hole.
  • Eliminates all wobble at both ends.
  • Includes Spool Head™ threaded hitch pin.

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Extender Adapt-a-Rack

Extender Adapt-a-Rack™ Hitch Adapter
Part # EAAR1-2

  • Extends a 2" receiver 3 3/8" and down sizes to fit 1 1/4" hitch bars.
  • Patented built-in no wobble features.
  • Great for use on hitches that are recessed under bumper and to clear small spare tires.
  • Front ends bolts in 2" receiver for semi-permanent installation. Install and remove rack/carrier from 1 1/4" hitch opening in the back end.
  • Not for towing use. Use only for mounting racks and carriers.

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